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Transportation Security
Travel Management

Those lines at security in airports, cruise ports, and railway stations will continue to become worse as security continues to grow in necessity. Our patent is the first ever developed system to  provide a platform for a seamless transportation and travel security environment while maintaining privacy. All necessary security clearance, gradation level or identification information is stored on the users personal chip and in the main secured data hub. Encrypted digitized biometric information is the key to authentication to speed up security processes for transportation.

Stadium/Venue Security

As seen in recent events the security requirements for stadiums is going to continue to rise. The likelihood of attack or harmful situation is ever increasing. Our solution provides an ability to avoid large congregations of people from the entrance of the edge of the perimeter. We can segregate by gradation level and give easy access to those who are members and have had a pre-cleared up to date background check.

Government Applications

Our product has a unique solution for  customs, immigration, embassy security and even military/federal agency physical and data access control

Payment and Transaction Systems

Our universal Itouch tool is an opportunity to have secure payments done through a quick and easy 3 point biometric authentication and transfers information via EMV and can even transfer currency digitally from person to person if both individuals have the device.



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